Our Team

T.W. Smith “The Contractor’s Champ”
Director of Marketing and Construction Development

T.W. " Dubb" Smith is an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA who graduated from Southern University College with a degree in Marketing. He started his first company while attending college and by the age of 24 he co founded one of Baton Rouge's premier specialty contracting firm. While running the contracting business and being an active real estate investor, he became the "go to guy" for the marketing needs for all the contractors in his network. As a result of their success, in 2014 he formed the Dubb Hubb Marketing Group.

T.W. is a digital marketing consultant and business strategist who helps contractors and home improvement companies profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally managed a large digital ad spend on behalf of clients and been able to consistently prove ROI.

T.W.'s clients are some of the fastest growing contracting firms and building professional in North America and he has helped them gain choke holds in their respective markets online.

In 2016 the firm expanded to meet consumer demand, becoming a full integrated Marketing agency and public relations firm. T.W. proudly manages a team of technology-savvy communicators, designers, and strategists, who integrate innovative methods with proven principles and offer decades of combined experience.

Tracy Tyrone Johnson
Director of Community Outreach

With over 30 years of field experience. Tracy Johnson provides Leadership in training & technical assistance to clients nationally on prevention,wellness and community building,

Formally, the Project Director of the federally funded Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention's Central Regional Team (CSAP's Central RT), which covers ten (10) states and seven (7) Native American sites.

He has worked on community organizing, environmental strategies, strategic planning, Substance Abuse Prevention, Coalition Building, cultural diversity and effective programs throughout the country.

Tracy has led projects in working with states and communities on effective substance abuse prevention strategies and SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework process.

Raylette Pickett
Director of Public Relations

Raylette Pickett has over 20 years of public relations experience and provides consulting services to non-profit, faith based, community organizations and governmental entities. Raylette leads in developing and implementing technical assistance and training service in an innovative and practical format. Her programs focus on evidence based prevention/intervention strategies which are multicultural in nature and gives the organization a unique advantage in providing the most effective strategies and programs.

With the leadership of Raylette, our firm provides these services through its well-seasoned diverse professional associates and consultants with over 50 plus years of combined experience.