7 Ways in Which Facebook Chatbots Make Marketing a Breeze

Did you know that messenger marketing makes landing new clients a breeze?  

AI powered chatbots are the new buzz when it comes to marketing a business. But what are they and why are Facebook bots getting so popular?  

A chatbot is a program designed to simulate a real interaction, with real people, via a chat interface. And even though they’ve been around for decades, recent developments have made it possible for messenger bots to understand language, react to human requests and – most important – contribute significantly when it comes to marketing a business.  

Here’s how messenger marketing can boost your marketing campaigns. 

7 ways in which chatbots can help you scale your business 

1. Messenger bots are available 24/7 

One of the best things about messenger bots is the fact that they’re available 24/7. Nobody likes to wait too long to get a reply to their inquiries, so having a chatbot take over basic customer service tasks will improve customer satisfaction, guaranteed! 

2. People are constantly checking their messenger notifications 

Not everyone will notice a generic ad, but almost everyone will check their phones when they get a Facebook notification. Integrating a chatbot with the Messenger platform will help you engage with your leads faster and much easier! 

3. Chatbots can handle multiple client requests at a time 

Not only is a chatbot always available, but it can handle multiple requests simultaneously. As humans, we’re limited to doing things one at a time, whereas chatbots can easily multitask and have concomitant conversations with dozens, or even more people.  

4. A Facebook bot allows you to actively connect with your customers 

Businesses don’t typically initiate a conversation until a potential client specifically expresses interest in what the business has to offer. Chatbots, on the other hand, can be “taught” to be proactive when it comes to generating new leads, allowing you to initiate contact with your customers and make them improve their perception of your brand.  

5. AI powered chatbots will always treat your clients right 

While people tend to act based on their mood – making it so easy to lose clients – a chatbot will always be nice to your leads. Messenger bots can be taught to treat everyone the same way, regardless of how polite or rude your customer really is.  

6. Messenger bots allow you to gain and monitor insights from clients 

The best way to land more customers is to know how to make them an offer they can’t refuse. Messenger bots are not only great at allowing you to communicate with your leads, but they can also gain and monitor important data from potential clients that will allow you to tweak your offer based on their needs.

7. Building a smart bot will allow you to significantly increase your conversions

Setting up a chatbot for your business will allow you to generate more leads, nurture the ones who are most likely to become loyal customers and un-qualify tire kickers, preventing you from dealing with time consuming prospects.

Although chatbots can’t totally replace human interaction, they can be a valid and cost effective backup that can perform basic tasks at a higher speed and in a polite and friendly manner.

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